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"i was having headach and vomiting and fever since 1 week and was admitted in praja sai hospital and was tested for hiv and it was positive .i was on ART medicines but i had developed brain infection which doctor told me as meningitis. i was treated with IV antibiotics for 1 week and then i was dischared and he changed my ART medicine combination .i am now fine"
"i had come to with symptoms of fever since 2 months and cough and weight loss .i was tested at dr ajay s clinic and i was diagnosed as hiv positive and chest x ray was done and was also diagnosed as having tuberculosis. i was very weak and my cd4 count was only 102. i was treated with TB medicines and later with hiv medicines .after using tb medicnes for 6 months i got cured of TB and now my cd4 count also improved to 389 after 6 months of taking hiv treatment . now i am healthy and happy thanks to dr ajay for saving my life.
"I took preventive treatment PEP FRO DR AJAY after i had unprotected sexual exposure with in 72 hrs and compleated 1 month course and got tested for hiv which was negative. i am so happy that timely preventive treatment saved me from hiv infection"
"my mother was admitted with severe breathlessness and was diagnosed as pcp pnemonia . the lab tests showed she had hiv. she was admitted in hospital for 1 week in the icu with oxygen support and was discharged after 1 week and was started on anti hiv treatment. at admission her cd4 count was only 37. now after 8 moths after taking hiv medicines her cd4 count improved to 234. she is now healthy.thanks to dr ajay for saving my mothers life."
"I was hiv positive and had developd hernia problem for which many hospitals did not admit me. i met dr ajay and got admitted in prajasai hopital and was operated in the hospital. now i am pain free and healthy. thanks to dr ajay and his surgical team "
"this is regarding my father who is 57 yrs old was diagnosed as hiv positive and was very sick and was not even able to stand . he was admitted in the hospital and was treated for 1 week and was started on antibiotics .he was diagnosed as pneumonia .after taking hiv treatment my father improved a lot and is now fine and healthy." somanna
"I getting recurrent skin infections over my lips and forehead .i was tested at dr ajays clinic and was diagnosed as hiv and i was told that i was infected with herpes zoster .i had severe pain over my head and i was started on anti retroviral medicines .after using these medicines for 5 months i am now free of herpes and my cd4 also improved to 408. i no longer have skin problems now" SAURYA
"i had unprotected sexual exposure to a sex worker and i was scared that i might get hiv infection. i searched for hiv specialist doctors and met dr ajay the next day. he gave me PEP treatment for 28 days and later checked my hiv status .luckily i got a negative hiv report. i will always be greatful to the doctor for saving my life." rakesh